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MAKSA is Kansas City’s Leading Provider of Mobile Lithotripsy for the Non-Invasive Treatment of Kidney Stones

MAKSA is the Mid America Kidney Stone Association and has been pioneering Kidney Stone treatment and therapy for nearly 2 decades. MAKSA is dedicated to delivering and innovating the best Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy and provides Surgical Laser Rental to Kansas City Area Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers.


Holmium Laser Therapy

Co2 Laser Therapy

Lithotripsy In Action

Watch as focused energy waves shatter a piece of candy

MAKSA is Kansas City's Premier Kidney Stone Treatment Provider
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Procedures Since 1989
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help hospitals better serve their patients by conveniently offering extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, holmium laser therapy, and Co2 laser therapy technologies in a mobile environment. Our promise is to offer a kidney stone treatment that is more efficient than ever. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that your procedure is performed with extreme accuracy and care.

No not take Aspirin or Aspirin containing Medications and/or Anti-Inflammatory Medication for 3 days prior to your Procedure.

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